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Inspired by our Indigenous Metis & Voyageur heritage, we offer cultural,
educational and nature-based tourism from our exclusive, private
Voyageur Island. Located on Nym Lake, we border Canada’s Historical
Canoe Water Routes in Northwestern Ontario and Quetico Park, a specially
designated sensitive area where you will enjoy undisturbed, pristine
wilderness. Our specialized Authentic Indigenous Experiences range from
soft adventure to wilderness eco-adventures and educational interpretive

“To travel by canoe is to ponder where we came from, where we are, where
we’re going, who we were, who we are and who we can be. It’s connection
to the waters, the rocks, the forests, the skies, all the creatures of
the Earth, and the people.” – Michelle Savoie, Voyageur Wilderness

An amazing Wilderness Experience, that’s what we do best.

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