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Canoe Trip Planning


A wilderness canoe trip is a totally unique adventure. The What to Bring list suggests items that will help you pack for your trip! We’re here for you should you have any questions.
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We realize the importance of nutritional & well-balanced meals on your wilderness canoe trip. Our years of experience, and in working with nutritionists, guarantees a wide selection of fresh, dehydrated & freeze-dried trail foods. The Back Country Food Checklist is a sample of meal options. It’s just a guideline so you can substitute, add and choose a menu to suit you and any special dietary requirements.
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  • Map & Route Planning on-line, phone or on site
  • Professional route & trip planning to meet your needs, timeline & skill level
  • Map available in advance to review & plan route
  • Mark map with route & highlights ie: natural, historical, camp & fishing sites
  • Log your trip route for safety

VWP is an authorized issuer of park permits.

Quetico Park Regulations:

  • Park permits required for all trips including day & overnight stay into Quetico; a deposit of $100.00 required – applied to overall permit fees
  • Limit: 9 people is the maximum party size allowed per permit
  • Complete mechanical ban: no motors at any time
  • Can & bottle ban
  • Practice Leave No Trace etiquette
  • Firearms & fireworks are prohibited in the park at all times.

For more information on Quetico Park Regulations:

VWP is an authorized issuer of fishing licenses for MNR.

Canoeing is the main attraction in Quetico Park and its mechanical ban provides clean, deep waters for the many fish species to grow in abundance. The fishing opportunities within Quetico Park are truly world class.

VWP emphasizes eco-friendly practices like the importance of catch and release and the purchase of a conservation license that allows you to catch fish and have delicious fish meals.

  • Guests can purchase their licenses through us upon their arrival or they can purchase them in advance on-line:
  • Remember that the purchasing of the license is a two step process. An outdoor card and the license have to be purchased. Some guests will already have an outdoor card that can be renewed so they only have to purchase the license.
  • Live Bait is prohibited in Quetico Park, only artificial bait is allowed.
  • Use of barbless hooks within Quetico Provincial Park.
  • There are fish lengths and quota requirement for each species in the park. VWP can provide a copy of these requirements upon your arrival. Please remember that these requirements are subject to change. For updates please refer to the Provincial Fishing Regulation.
  • Remember that children under 18 may fish without a license but must be under the supervision of an adult with a license. If the children want a possession limit then they have to purchase a license.

For more information on fishing in Quetico Park, visit:

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