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Programme Delivery

Since VWP’s inception back in 1960, we have known that actions and decisions today will affect what will happen tomorrow.
We are committed to being in the forefront of environmentally friendly practices.


VWP is devoted to keep ecological integrity on Voyageur Island and in all aspects of our participants’ eco-travel through Quetico Park and surrounding areas. We continue to protect our natural spaces and reduce our ecological footprint. This commitment ensures that wilderness will be appreciated in its natural form for generations to come.

Eco-practices are adhered to for this very reason. They are woven throughout all aspects of our Programme delivery. What better way than to lead by example, inspire others and cultivate hope.

We truly believe that we are not masters of nature, but rather a small strand which is part of the large web of life.

Programme Delivery

Combination 2 day/2 night experience on Voyageur Island & 3 day/2 night Customized Quetico Flatwater Canoe Trip.(All meals, accommodations, activities & equipment. Suggestions on what to pack will be provided).

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Youth (6-12yrs)*


(6yrs & under) *


US funds, per person, minimum 2 people, subject to tax, *conditions apply

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