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Sustainable Dead Fall Reclamation and Tree Planting

Voyageur Island’s eco-system is monitored and maintained to ensure minimal impact and sustainable use.

Path system

Designated paths link buildings and activity areas. Other areas are designated as wild, untouched by foot or development. Participants are asked to remain on designated paths and are more than pleased to comply once they understand the potential impact of wandering through the undergrowth of this Island’s pristine areas. As with every forest and eco-system, there is natural tree loss. With many “old growth” trees, some up to 500-600 years old, we regenerate Voyageur Island every year by planting indigenous white and red pine species.

Dead fall harvesting

As this area’s vegetation thrives on a fire regime, prescribed burns to replicate natural ecosystem succession are not possible, therefore this is our way of cleaning understory to allow new growth and cycling for a healthy Voyageur Island community. VWP harvests dead fall for our wood-burning sauna, uses smaller branches for mulch on paths (which is less erosive than gravel and returns organic matter to the soil on site) as well as leaving vegetation and detritus for natural process.
The following list of eco-practices of our Programme delivery touch upon major areas that people can readily relate to. From our “signature piece”: the birch bark Montrealer canoe replica (which people immediately identify as VWP), our environmental “flagship” fully depicts zero emission, sustainability and links the past to the present eco-practices; To the commitment to carry it through to the last detail and incorporate it into every aspect of our everyday lives.
Leave No Trace Camping
Energy Conservation
Wetlands Treatment Project
Water Conservation
Non-Motorized Water Transport
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Product & Provision Sustainability
These values are reflected by our personal, down-to-earth, authentic interaction with people. It’s a deep commitment by us – we LOVE what we do. VWP and its participants live and embrace the spirit, traditions, life-changing, timeless wilderness experiences that inspire our connection to the natural world.

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