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Voyageur Persona

Voyageur Persona

The “Voyageur” was selected as our persona and theme for several reasons.
  • Not only because it’s who we are: French-Canadian Voyageur and Aboriginal Metis heritage.
  • We learned from the First Nations how to live in harmony with the land therefore living a true appreciation of nature and connection to the natural world.
  • We were the first “eco-travelers” and we capture the Voyageur’s epic journeys with explorers to open up the North American continent..
  • Voyageurs are renowned for their perseverance, tenacity and “joie de vie” /zeal for life.
  • These characteristics drove their inner spirit and strengthened them to accomplish great challenges in the uncharted wilderness frontier.
  • Clearly the Canadian Voyageur Explorer of the past is linked directly to the wilderness eco-traveler of today.

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